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What is an Information Sharing & Analysis Organization?

An Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (ISAO) is a trusted community that actively collaborates to identify and disseminate information about all types of threats, including cybersecurity, physical, and natural disaster. These organizations focus on providing technical information about attacks on businesses, governments and organizations. An ISAO gathers data about threat actors and their techniques from various sources. This data can come from governments, large and small companies, and organizations from around the world. The ISAO then analyzes this data, turns it into useable information, and sends it to its members. Because an ISAO provides relevant, useful information, it effectively becomes a trusted advisor that raises an industry‚Äôs resiliency.

The Cannabis Information Sharing & Analysis Organization is in the process of establishing our capabilities. We can’t wait to start working with the our members to enhance the cybersecurity and physical resilience of all types of organizations in order to combat the myriad of threats the industry faces.

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