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Knowing where to get started for finding the information that will help your organization build resiliency against future threats can be challenging. Excellent resources exist from the private, public, and non-governmental organization sector and we want to act as a clearing house to help cannabis organizations quickly and efficiently access information from across the all-hazards threat environment. While our real-time threat reporting will also include applicable resources to help further an organizations understanding of best practices for preventing and responding to incidents, we also understand that organizations at different maturity levels may be looking for different resources at any given time. We will continually work to keep this library up to date with new materials as they become available. If you have a resource that has been particularly useful to your organization that you don’t see in our list, please feel free to share so we can help the entire industry as a whole. In addition, make sure to check our Library Card Series Blogs every Tuesday as we highlight one of the resources on the website.

Threat Categories

Computer Code


Keeping your information security officers up to date on the latest threats and trends. Learn best practices for mitigating and responding to ransomware, business email compromise, third-party risk management, phishing attempts, social engineering, and much, more.

Image of Security Cameras

Physical Security

The Cannabis industry has long been a cash-based industry, at risk from physical attacks. We go deeper than reviewing simple robberies to also provide resources to mitigate and respond to threats like active-shooter incidents and risks civil disturbances can have on business practices.


Natural Events

Whether it be an earthquake, wildfire, hurricane, flooding, or any other naturally occurring event, these incidents can have serious impacts on individual businesses and supply chains. These resources will help prepare from those inevitable events.