Code of conduct

This Code of Conduct explains expectations for anyone participating in the Cannabis ISAO Slack Workspace discussion groups and activities, and defines the consequences of unacceptable behavior. Our goal is to foster a positive community, dedicated to sharing information and further enhancing the resiliency of the cannabis industry from all potential threats. This is a community built on trust, please respect this and do everything you can to keep it that way.
It is expected that participants behave properly. Participants should show respect and courtesy to others and help ensure a safe, inclusive, and productive environment. The following behaviors are expected and requested of all community members:
Follow Traffic Light Protocol (TLP; see Cannabis ISAO TLP Guidance for more details)
TLP:RED = Not for disclosure, restricted to participants only.
TLP:AMBER = Limited disclosure, restricted to participants’ organizations.
TLP:GREEN = Limited disclosure, restricted to the community.
TLP:WHITE = Disclosure is not limited.

Follow Chatham House Rule for TLP:GREEN and TLP:WHITE unless granted permission to attribute information. This means please do not blog, tweet or otherwise leak activities publicly not only does this erode trust, but it harms the mission goals
Exercise consideration and respect in your speech and actions.
Refrain from demeaning, discriminatory, or harassing behavior and speech.
Alert Administrators if you notice violations of this Code of Conduct.
Be respectful of other opinions even if you don’t share them.
Workspace Organization
The Slack Workspace is organized into various channels depending on the topic (i.e., Physical Security, Cybersecurity, Natural Events) and the sensitivity of information shared within that channel. Any TLP:WHITE channel is open to any approved user of the Slack workspace. All TLP:GREEN, and TLP:AMBER channels are reserved for Cannabis ISAO members. Any information that is TLP:RED should not be openly shared in channels, and only in direct communications between applicable participants.
Requests for the creation for additional channels, whether those be public or private channels, can be either made through the Admin channel.
Restricted Behaviors
Spam: Spam will be deleted. This includes self-promotion. 
Violate local laws: No ad hoc “pentesting”, breaking terms of service, or other violations of local/national laws.
Sales/Business Development: This is NOT a forum for sales pitches. Anyone found scraping names or making sale pitches will be banned.
Personal attacks: Don’t attack or insult another user. We are all professionals, so please act like it.
Spreading misinformation: Fraudulent reports will be removed and posters banned. We are not a platform for spreading conspiracy theories and misinformation, and will remove posts promoting obvious falsehoods.
Illegal activities: Posting links to illegal downloads, ways to steal service, and other nefarious activity is not permitted
NSFW material: While we want to have a little fun, keep it clean. Even images or links that could be considered borderline are not acceptable. A good rule of thumb is that anything beyond PG-13 will get you in trouble, but we reserve the right to remove any post we deem offensive.
Any form of discrimination: Attacking entire classes of people is just like attacking a single person: we’ll ban you for it. Cannabis-ISAO is an inclusive community where all participants can be appreciated and treated respectfully.
Unacceptable behavior by any community participant, including those with decision-making authority, will not be tolerated. Anyone asked to stop unacceptable behavior is expected to comply immediately.
The Administrators reserve the right to ban a participant violating this Code of Conduct. Non-Cannabis ISAO members will be removed from the Slack Workspace, while Cannabis ISAO members will have their membership put up for review by the Cannabis ISAO Board of Directors.
We expect all community participants to abide by this Code of Conduct in all community venues, online and in-person, as well as in all one-on-one communications pertaining to community business.
Contact Information
Please contact the Cannabis ISAO Marketing & Membership Coordinator Tommy Jabbour with any questions about this Code of Conduct.