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In this week’s Library Card Series we’ll go over a May 2020 MJBiz article title “Beyond The Vault” and other articles about robberies/Organized Retail Crime/”smash and grab” robberies. We typically utilize this series to highlight resources that may not be well known to the cannabis industry. Given the uptick in robberies that the industry is seeing, which we covered extensively in last Friday’s Director’s Cut Blog. So while many readers may have caught this article when it was first released, given the focus the industry has on physical security at the moment, we want to remind everyone of this great content.

Beyond The Vault provides best practices from cannabis retailers who have implemented mitigation measures into hindering criminals from messing with their businesses. Break-ins happen often across the country in dispensaries. Cash grabs, product theft, and other forms of robbery hinder cannabis businesses from operating smoothly on a day to day basis. According to MJBiz, the cannabis industry is projected to reach $28 billion nationally. With this projection and increased development of dispensary activity, criminals will be waiting to strike.

Cannabis growers and shop owners are constantly threatened for theft due to the fact most of their generated income is in cash. Also, product sold in dispensaries or grown on farms can be resold anywhere by anyone, making cannabis a profitable product to be stolen. MJBiz gives some valuable tips on how to protect yourself and your property:

  • Security Provisioning- program all systems to only allow required personnel to enter at all times.
  • Training- Train employees on potential scenarios and educate them on how to react accordingly.
  • Buddy System- Don’t allow employees to enter or leave shops on their own
  • Ask Law Enforcement- Invite local law enforcement to train staff and give protective measures for your business.
  • Stay Alert- Use trained armored services to transport cash and protect assets.
  • Stay Informed- Establish a tip off system for employees to report any suspicious behavior.
  • Publicize Your Efforts- Make it known that your property is trained against thieves, hindering them from attacking you.
  • Protect Personal Privacy- Protect personal information online by establishing good cybersecurity practices.

By implanting protective measures into everyday routine, cannabis growers and dispensary owners will be protected nationwide. Educate others in your field about staying protected and continue to maintain good safety practices.

Beyond the Vault

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