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In this week’s Library Card Series we’ll go over safety precautions for the holiday season with the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency’s (CISA) Guide for Holiday Vigilance. CISA put out this messaging for the entire holiday season as many malicious actors will be attempting to take advantage of the holiday season by using different methods of attack. The holiday season can be especially profitable time for malicious attackers because employees can be more easily distracted, and organizations are often working at less than 100% operational capacity. From phishing scams to fraudulent Christmas gift sites, antagonists are ready to strike.

CISA encourages all organizations across America to be protected from cyber attacks by being prepared and mitigating threats early. Some of the tips include:

  • Identify IT employees who can be ready for action on weekends and holidays
  • Implement multi factor authentication
  • Mandate strong passwords
  • Remind all staff not to click suspicious links
  • Review plans for what to do if under siege from ransomware

CISA also recommends looking out for phishing attacks, unencrypted financial transactions, and fraudulent sites trying to spoof real businesses. Being prepared for a cyber attack this holiday season will make all organizations safer, smarter, and ready to operate without distraction. To read CISA’s letter, click here. Additionally, CISA and the FBI recommend maintaining vigilance against the multiple techniques cybercriminals use to gain access to networks, including:

While CISA’s letter covers cyber threats this holiday season, it’s important to note that vigilance over the holidays doesn’t just apply to cybersecurity. Many retailers, including cannabis dispensaries are seeing an uptick in robberies during what can be an already chaotic season. We’ll have more on Organized Retail Crime and physical security in Friday’s Director’s Cut blog, as well as next Tuesday’s Library Card Series post.

Stay safe this holiday season, be vigilant, and be prepared. Happy holidays from Cannabis ISAO!

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